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High-Level Differences Between MMP & MVP Product Development Strategy

At stable|kernel, we’re often approached by potential clients of all shapes and sizes: Fortune 500s, enterprises, startups, small businesses, etc. Though all need a mobile app to solve a problem, each of these potential client types presents major differences in how we might need to approach the development of their product. Read More >

Rescuing Your App From the Technical Debt Spiral

Bad Performance.
A term familiar in the worlds of business, finance, education, entertainment and sports, and also not a pleasant one to hear. With the growing maturation and saturation of the use of mobile apps, bad performance is also a crucial term or rather, factor to avoid and mitigate if you want your app to succeed.

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Finishing Strong: Approaching App Launch With Confidence

Finishing a development project strong and launching an app successfully is about more than just crossing the finish line by releasing the app to the public. With our strong desire to establish long-term partnerships and build a solid foundation for our clients, it more closely resembles running the 5000m race in track.  

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The Fundamental Principles Of Consulting: Part II

For Part II of this post, we’ll be focusing on the two final principles that best embody our values, culture and consulting approach: Collaborative and Diligent.  

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The Fundamental Principles Of Consulting: Part I

Building software is a creative endeavor that has no guarantees. Rather, we at stable|kernel , aim for designing an interface and user experience that is engaging and efficient. We aim for building applications that empower businesses and consumers without sacrificing the human-centered experience.

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