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4 Enterprise Opportunities With the Internet of Things

Don’t miss my previous post, “An Introduction to the Internet of Things.”

It’s easy to forget about IoT’s huge implications for the workplace with so much talk about putting the consumer experience at the heart of IoT.

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UPDATE: Food Finder App Changing Lives by Feeding Georgia's Hungry Families

By Erin Duff, Marketing and PR Manager | 7/21/16 12:00 PM

This month, Food Finder GA launched its native iOS and native Android mobile apps. Founder Jack Griffin speaks to CBS News about the overwhelming need in Georgia to feed hungry families.

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An Introduction to the Internet of Things

There is a massive revolution going on around us. It is silent and invisible yet groundbreaking; it has the power to transform lives all around the world. This technology is called the Internet of Things (IoT), and it’s likely that you’re already a user.

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How 4 OEMs Use Mobile Technology to Transform the Auto Industry

Vehicle purchases are not impulsive decisions and can often be an emotional process for the auto buyer. It typically takes months for an individual to make the decision to purchase a new vehicle, conduct research about various makes and models, test-drive several options and then actually make the purchase.

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Strengthening Auto Dealership Customer Retention Through Mobile

Customer retention is one of the most manageable ways to increase a business’s revenue over time. Statistics show that customer acquisition can cost car dealerships between 6-10 times more than customer retention.

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Empowering Auto Dealership Sales Teams for Exceptional Service

For most buyers, one of the most significant investments is purchasing a vehicle. Cars are not only necessary for transportation, they are considered a status symbol. While some car buyers are more concerned with the practical and safety aspects or pricing, others are more conscious of features and performance.

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How Mobile Apps Can Boost Revenue For Auto Dealerships

By Erin Duff, Marketing and PR Manager | 6/14/16 12:09 PM

We all know vehicles are high-risk investments. In the past, purchasing a vehicle required a significant amount of on-foot research, and the dealership visit was central to a buyer’s research and purchase experience.

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Integrity: Showing Our True Colors

As a organization of 21 people in a hyper-growth mode with many fresh perspectives and varied experiences coming together to exist as one, developing a company of value and virtue has taken precedence as we move forward.

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Infographic: 5 Ways Mobile Will Transform The Auto Dealership

“The power and proliferation of mobile devices in the U.S. is undeniable, and consumers are rapidly turning to these devices as they shop for cars.” - Jared Rowe, president of AutoTrader.com

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Where’s the Love for B2B Marketers? 9 Mobile Apps that Get the Job Done

I’m sitting at Digital Summit Atlanta right now in a session about the fragmented marketing system. I’ve sat in a few other sessions about SEO, email and content marketing so far today. Yet again, I’ve experienced the same trend at every conference I go to – consumer marketers get all of the love and B2B is the redheaded stepchild that gets thrown a few bones here and there, but rarely is the point of the conference to help B2B marketers get better at their craft.

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