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From Native to Hybrid App Development and Back

By Erin Duff, Marketing and PR Manager | 11/24/15 11:00 AM

According to a recent eMarketer survey, 65% of marketers use mobile apps as part of their marketing strategy. Since this number is expected to increase over the years, a lot of businesses struggle with deciding which platform to use for their mobile app development projects.

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Illustrator UX Workflow Tips for Wireframing and Design

By Matt Michelson, UI/UX Designer | 9/17/15 2:21 PM

Hello and welcome to a short mini-series on wireframing and design in Adobe Illustrator.

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10 Principles of Good Wasteland Design

By Matt Michelson, UI/UX Designer | 5/28/15 2:21 PM

Mad Max: Fury Road owes its critical and box office success to a surprising confluence of factors that have been touched on in numerous articles online: feminism, explosions, a flame-throwing guitarist, more explosions.

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Mobile Design: More than just design

By Brian Harper | 3/19/15 2:13 PM

We've all heard the Steve Jobs' quote, "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." 

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A Mobile Designer's First Step Into Git & Xcode

By Brian Harper | 2/19/15 2:08 PM

I’m a mobile designer on a team that ships apps. When crunch time comes around and developers are working hard to make sure every pixel is in the right place, what can I do to contribute to the final product? 

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Six Mobile Design Principles

By Brian Harper | 2/10/15 2:06 PM

Here are some guiding mobile design principles that help keep designers on track with a team of brilliant developers. 

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Talking Mobile Design on BusinessRadioX

By stable|kernel | 1/8/15 2:01 PM

Back in December, Brian was invited to talk with Lee Kantor on his show "Atlanta Technology Leaders" about building a mobile design offering at stable|kernel, and how he likes to work with clients to realize their needs.

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Three Tips for Driving Mobile App Success

I was recently asked what three pieces of advice I would give to someone thinking about developing a mobile app. You can see a snippet of my response here as the very first tip mentioned in Kathryn Bisson's blog post: 25 Tips for Mobile App Success in 2015.

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5 Things to Consider with User Experience

Continuing from our previous post “User Engagement: How to Get Users to Love Your App,” let’s take a closer look at designing for the user experience.

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User Engagement: How to Get Users to Love Your App

Before you spend the money to build out your app idea, you've got to consider how you will achieve user engagement. After all, without users, what's the point?

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