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Refactoring Design: Working with Nested Symbols and Developers

By Matt Michelson, UI/UX Designer | 7/14/17 10:58 AM

“The RFP goes out tomorrow :)”

What? How could this be? You just learned about this project today, at lunch, and suddenly a prospective client needs a high fidelity animated prototype drawn together out of thin air? For a moment, panic grips you and color leaches out of the world — but you’ve done this before, and you can do it again. 

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10 Badass UX/UI Designers and Mobile Developers You Need To Know

As employees at a mobile development consultancy, we are filled with learning opportunities every single day, and our iOS and Android software developers and UX/UI designers credit the thought leaders who have paved the way for our industry. Here’s a list of our 10 favorite developers and designers who we turn to for insights, guidance and inspiration.

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A Designer's Argument for Crafting Content in an Age of Abundance

By Matt Michelson, UI/UX Designer | 4/6/17 11:05 AM

As a user experience designer, the first question that comes to mind when presented with any challenge is: Why?  Why is this happening, why do we want to solve this, why is this the best way of solving this problem?

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The Benefits of Applying Design Thinking to K-12 Education

By Sloan Smith, Sr. UX/UI Designer | 3/13/17 10:45 AM

I have recently been researching schools for my rising 6th grader to attend. On a tour of one school, our group saw the usual English, Math and Social Studies classrooms - but my ears perked up when the admissions guide began to talk about how “design thinking” informs much of the way students learn and how their teachers teach.

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SURVEY: What's the future of mobile technology?

We’re surveying mobile industry experts like you - designers, developers, product owners and project managers - to gain the most current insights on how different technologies will transform the human experience and which industries are ripe for disruption.

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Why UX Is More Important Than Ever

By Sloan Smith, Sr. UX/UI Designer | 9/29/16 12:04 PM

 In recent years many corporations and government agencies have embraced the idea that User Experience Design is good for business. In 2015, Forrester Research revealed that “implementing a focus on customers’ experience increases their willingness to pay by 14.4%, reduces their reluctance to switch brands by 15.8%, and boosts their likelihood to recommend your product by 16.6%.”

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How to Build an App Like Romans Built a City: Part II

By Matt Michelson, UI/UX Designer | 8/25/16 11:45 AM
Don't miss my first blog in this series: How to Build an App Like Romans Built a City: Part I. In Part II, we'll explore how our metaphor follows along with the rest of the mobile app design and development process - specifically Integrations, Security, QA, and Usability Testing.
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How to Build an App like Romans Built a City: Part I

By Matt Michelson, UI/UX Designer | 8/22/16 12:00 PM

During the course of visual research for an internal project, I discovered a simple, illustration-filled book: City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction, by David Macaulay (1983). Digging into it, I found some surprising parallels between the development of Roman cities and our software development process.

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WWDC 2016 Takeaways for Developers, Designers and Product Owners

The Apple community is still abuzz about WWDC 2016’s plethora of announcements. As a mobile app development company, only two questions matter to our developers and designers: “how can this Apple improvement positively affect our clients?” and “how can these advancements help me do my job better?”

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Developers Talk Mobile Predictions for 2016

By stable|kernel | 1/12/16 8:30 AM

Now that we have entered 2016, experts in the industry are predicting what they believe will be the hot topics of mobile this year. Some of our team of developers and designers also have an opinion. Here’s what they had to say:

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