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Why Your Brand Needs to Invest in a Mobile Strategy Right Now

By Erin Duff, Marketing and PR Manager | 3/20/17 10:47 AM

When both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store (formerly known as Android Market) launched in 2008, it was hard to imagine the potential these distribution systems had to revolutionize the entire digital ecosystem. With so few apps in existence, there was once a huge opportunity for screen time for the app developers who jumped in early.

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Concurrency in Server-Side Dart

By Joe Conway, CEO | 3/16/17 10:36 AM

I've been a fan of Erlang for many years, but it wasn't until last year when I finally got to build a serious production application with it. That application maintains about 40,000 persistent connections, actively transmitting data in a binary, proprietary format to physical devices in people's homes across the world.

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The Benefits of Applying Design Thinking to K-12 Education

By Sloan Smith, Sr. UX/UI Designer | 3/13/17 10:45 AM

I have recently been researching schools for my rising 6th grader to attend. On a tour of one school, our group saw the usual English, Math and Social Studies classrooms - but my ears perked up when the admissions guide began to talk about how “design thinking” informs much of the way students learn and how their teachers teach.

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AI Continues to Drive Innovation at Mobile World Congress 2017

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry held in Barcelona each year and hosted by the GSMA. While the conference has traditionally focused on the current state and future of mobile technology, MWC is evolving to focus on connectivity in general, and the devices and new technologies that fuel a more connected world.

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Releasing Aqueduct 2.0 - A Server-Side Web Framework Written in Dart

By Joe Conway, CEO | 3/6/17 10:45 AM

Aqueduct 2.0 is a major step forward for Dart server programming. This release focuses on four things: tooling, deployment, authorization and database querying. There are now more than 800 tests with 85% code coverage. The documentation guides have more than tripled and - along with the API Reference - have been improved significantly.

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Striking a Balance with UI Tests

By Jesse Black, Software Engineer | 3/2/17 10:45 AM

Everyone wants well-tested apps, and I know I've been drawn to User Interface testing since Xcode added UI Recording. Not only is it really fun to watch the app move so fast, but testing also offers a lot of potential benefits. While unit tests help validate the code we write, UI tests automate user-level functionality.

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How to Foster a Growth Mindset

By Jami Sieder, VP of Operations | 2/27/17 10:45 AM

Fostering a growth mindset may be the most valuable thing you can do this year. You'll soon gain a full understanding of what it means to embrace a growth mindset and you'll be given the tools to practice this skill at work in order to keep this proficiency sharp. 

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Storing Historical Data with PostgreSQL and Automatic Partitions

By Sean Swezey, Software Engineer | 2/23/17 10:45 AM

It is considered good practice to store and review logs from your servers when you're working with web services. Most often, text logs are used and information is gleaned with grep and other utilities. However, sometimes you may want to keep information that can be logged in a more structured and queryable manner.

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ESP8266 Programming: Building An IoT Weather Station - Episode 2

By Florian Harr, Software Engineer | 2/9/17 11:11 AM

This is part II of a series of tutorials that break down the process of building an IoT weather station with ESP8266. If you missed the first part, you can find it here: Part I. In this post, we're going to go over the protocol for MQTT before we set up a MQTT server that we're going to use in part III to communicate with our little weather station. 

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Continuous Integration for Unity 5 Using TravisCI

By Erik Rahtjen, Software Engineer | 2/6/17 10:55 AM

Unity is a cross-platform game engine which has risen to prominence as the go-to engine for indie game developers. Coming from the world of application development, I've become quite enamored with process. Specifically, I have become enamored with good process.

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