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High-Level Differences Between MMP & MVP Product Development Strategy

At stable|kernel, we’re often approached by potential clients of all shapes and sizes: Fortune 500s, enterprises, startups, small businesses, etc. Though all need a mobile app to solve a problem, each of these potential client types presents major differences in how we might need to approach the development of their product. Read More >

Build a GitHub+Slack Integration, Deploy to Heroku

By Joe Conway, CEO | 6/5/17 11:46 AM

In this post, we'll create a web server that posts a message to Slack when a pull request is opened in a GitHub repo in your organization. The web server will be deployed to Heroku.

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Aqueduct 2.2: Files, Streams and Caching

By Joe Conway, CEO | 6/2/17 10:58 AM

Aqueduct 2.2 is now available on pub. This release's primary focus is on request and response bodies.

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10 Badass UX/UI Designers and Mobile Developers You Need To Know

As employees at a mobile development consultancy, we are filled with learning opportunities every single day, and our iOS and Android software developers and UX/UI designers credit the thought leaders who have paved the way for our industry. Here’s a list of our 10 favorite developers and designers who we turn to for insights, guidance and inspiration.

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Developer Tips on How to Architect Your First Android Mobile App

By Erik Rahtjen, Software Engineer | 5/26/17 11:12 AM

In this post, I'll be covering how to make an Android To Do application that keeps track of your tasks. Let's begin with first addressing Android Databinding, which is a powerful technique that can help you remove boilerplate code, letting the code you write be more terse. In turn, this can allow you to focus on the business logic of your application.

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Developer Predictions for Apple's WWDC 2017

By Alex Nachlas, Software Engineer | 5/22/17 10:54 AM

Apple's WWDC is less than a month away, and we are super excited. I was lucky enough to get a ticket in the lottery, and I can’t wait to see the new innovations Apple’s been working on. 

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How To Use Android Developer Options Like A Pro

By Bryan Richardson, Software Engineer | 5/18/17 10:47 AM

As a software developer, it is very easy to become so engrossed in mastering every nuance of a framework that we often tend to forget just how important it is to understand the subtleties of the hardware we deploy to. This is particularly true for Android developers, where device fragmentation poses the challenge of developing and deploying to a cavalcade of thousands of different devices. 

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6 Reasons an App is an Attraction’s Ultimate Marketing Tool

American attractions face an increasing number of challenges as competition for visitors, membership dollars, charitable gifts and brand recognition rises. Destinations once at the top of any tourist’s trip itinerary must find new ways to stay top-of-mind with visitors and membership alike, and many organizations are accomplishing this through a robust, native mobile app. 

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ESP8266 Programming: Building A IoT Weather Station - Episode 3

By Florian Harr, Software Engineer | 5/8/17 11:19 AM

This is part III of a series of tutorials on building a weather IoT station. If you missed the first parts, you can find them here: Part I and Part II. In this episode, we're going to use the ESP8266 chip with the DHT11 sensor from part I to connect to our MQTT server from part II and publish the sensor's data. Finally, we are going to build an iOS app to display our data.

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Go Quickstart: Helpful Tips for Experienced Programmers

By Sean Swezey, Software Engineer | 5/4/17 10:45 AM

When working with client backends, sometimes you end up using a language that you have no prior experience with. I worked on a backend written in Go and had to get up to speed quickly. Although the Go programming language is a C-like language, it has a handful of design decisions that can snag you and trip you up. I hope this article will help you avoid some of these pitfalls and make you more productive!

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