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Your Right to Privacy and How to Protect Yourself

We’re in the midst of an unprecedented battle for our privacy that's amplified by the rapid growth of the digital age of information. We are on our laptops, smartphones and devices a majority of our day, and technology criminals are well aware. We are subject to attacks that didn’t exist 5-10 years ago and quite frankly, we are very vulnerable. 

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An Introduction To The okbuck Gradle Plugin For Android Builds

By David Mays, Software Engineer | 12/5/16 10:45 AM

Gradle is an awesome build system which makes my life as a developer much easier. However, with large numbers of dependencies build times can slow to a snail’s pace, leaving developers frustrated and legitimately slacking off.

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How To Prevent Memory Leaks In Swift Closures

By Marcus Smith, Software Engineer | 12/1/16 10:45 AM

A memory leak occurs in an iOS app when memory that is no longer in use is not properly cleared and continues taking up space. This can hurt app performance, and eventually, when the app runs out of available memory, will cause a crash.

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Would Async/Await Work In Swift/iOS?

By Joe Conway, CEO | 11/28/16 10:45 AM

Today, Swift doesn't have a language-level solution to writing asynchronous code. If it did, this is the article I'd write to explain how it works. (Probably in Swift 7 - after we get more codemojis and renamed methods first.)

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Happy Thanksgiving!

By stable|kernel | 11/24/16 10:45 AM

Your friends at stable|kernel would like to wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for engaging in our blog and supporting us. We are so APPreciative and we hope you get to spend your day surrounded by loved ones. 

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Google’s Pixel Is In Users Hands And Here’s What They’re Saying

By Erin Duff, Marketing and PR Manager | 11/21/16 10:45 AM

After Google’s ground-breaking announcement about its first phone, our developers (specifically our Android devs) went nuts. I thought, here comes another contestant in the the ultimate smartphone battle, and it couldn’t have entered the ring at a better time than right when Samsung’s phones start melting.

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2016 Connect Tech: Growing Atlanta's Mobile Scene

For the 3rd year in a row, Connect Tech triumphed in the Southeast as THE Atlanta conference for software developers and designers. Known as the largest JavaScript-focused conference in the region, it offered 124 presentations from speakers all around.

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Using Custom Views As Menu Items

By Jason Atwood, Software Engineer | 11/14/16 11:51 AM

The Android framework does a lot to help us create and interact with menu action items, those little icons on the right side of the toolbar. By calling just a few setup methods, the framework will automatically handle three things for us.

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Our Takeaways from Dart Developer Summit 2016

In October, stable|kernel CEO Joe Conway and VP of Engineering Ross Hambrick debuted Aqueduct, our server-side web framework written in Dart, at Google’s Dart Developer Summit 2016. For two days, #dartlang enthusiasts worldwide tuned in and showed up to celebrate all things Dart and learn more about Google’s plans for this powerful and productive programming language.

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Bootstrap Your AngularDart App With Github Pages

By Erik Rahtjen, Software Engineer | 11/7/16 11:45 AM

Are you new to Dart, Angular2, or Bootstrap but want to hang out with all the cool kids making single page applications using bleeding edge software? As a newcomer, combining that stack and turning it into your first Dart web app, it can be a pain in the ass or really easy. Let's follow our dreams and shoot for the latter! Here's my take on Dart web development using AngularDart 2.

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