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Life Lessons I've Learned From Software Development

I’ve spent the last 1.5 years in the depths of the software development industry, albeit as a digital marketer, but regardless I’ve lived, breathed and studied the likes of it to better understand my industry. In this short time, I’ve learned many life lessons that can be drawn from the best practices we adhere to in software development that I’d like to share with you. 

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Refactoring Design: Working with Nested Symbols and Developers

By Matt Michelson, UI/UX Designer | 7/14/17 10:58 AM

“The RFP goes out tomorrow :)”

What? How could this be? You just learned about this project today, at lunch, and suddenly a prospective client needs a high fidelity animated prototype drawn together out of thin air? For a moment, panic grips you and color leaches out of the world — but you’ve done this before, and you can do it again. 

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How to Create a Successful Mobile Loyalty Program

We know it’s far easier to get repeat business from existing customers – but brands still spend up to 80 percent of their marketing budgets acquiring new customers. Customer retention is where the dollars are – 27 percent of customers that make one purchase in-store will likely return. That number jumps to 54 percent if they buy from you two or three times! Bottom line success depends on keeping these repeat customers engaged and growing them into loyal brand fans.

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Mobile Development For Arduino Part 7: Sending Push Notifications

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a wave of excitement in the technology sector because of its potential to serve as a boon to society at large. The economic impact of the continued development of IoT devices will most certainly generate wealth at levels not witnessed since the industrial revolution. However, as significant as the economic impacts will be, it is the social impact of this emerging paradigm that will be truly profound. 

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Aqueduct 2.3.0: User-Based Scoping, ORM Aggregate Functions

By Joe Conway, CEO | 6/30/17 11:00 AM

Aqueduct 2.3.0 is now available on pub. This release offers additional behavior for the ORM and authorization libraries.

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How Apple Changed The World 10 Years Ago

By Alex Nachlas, Software Engineer | 6/29/17 2:00 PM

Today, the best-selling product in history turns 10 years old. On June 29, 2007, the original iPhone went on sale and changed the world forever. Even though Apple has sold more than 1 billion iPhones over the past 10 years, not all of the current iPhone users were consumers from the start. But I was. Here’s what I remember from buying the first iPhone 10 years ago and how my fascination with the iPhone and the future of computing became the driving force behind me becoming an iOS developer.

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New Use Cases for Apple's Simplified HomeKit Integration

By Florian Harr, Software Engineer | 6/23/17 10:45 AM

Two weeks ago, Apple held its annual WWDC keynote announcing the latest updates to its platforms and technologies. The keynote lasted more than two hours and you'd think that in that time they would have addressed all of their primary technologies. But one thing seemed to be missing...HomeKit!

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The Business Case for Good Software Architecture

By Marcus Smith, Software Engineer | 6/20/17 10:45 AM

In this post, I’ll explore the value and business case for good software architecture. If you've worked with a programmer, you know that we tend to take strong stands on seemingly small or unimportant things, and we like to talk about the mysterious "right way" of doing something.

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iOS Developer Takeaways from WWDC 2017

By Alex Nachlas, Software Engineer | 6/15/17 10:45 AM
This year, I had the opportunity to attend WWDC 2017, and it was quite possibly one of the most exciting years Apple has had in awhile. Apple updated all of their software platforms and gave us some cool, new frameworks and hardware. As a developer, I am especially excited about the Core ML and ARKit frameworks.


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3 Things Free Soloist Alex Honnold Teaches Us About Staying Hungry

By Jami Sieder, VP of Operations | 6/12/17 10:45 AM

The first Saturday morning in June, before most of us were even out of bed, 31-year-old Alex Honnold crested the 3,000 foot peak of Yosemite’s El Capitan as a free soloist - a feat of such significance that expert climbers have likened it to landing on the moon. And even more impressive, he accomplished the climb in just under four hours. 

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