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Sean Swezey, Software Engineer

Sean Swezey has been hooked on programming since finding a C++ book in high school. Since then he has worked on a myriad of projects across several companies, from interfacing with CAN networks in C to front ends in Javascript. His current passion is writing software for mobile devices. When he isn’t working with software, he spends his time exercising his German Shepherd, Ludwig.
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Recent Posts

Storing Historical Data with PostgreSQL and Automatic Partitions

By Sean Swezey, Software Engineer | 2/23/17 10:45 AM

It is considered good practice to store and review logs from your servers when you're working with web services. Most often, text logs are used and information is gleaned with grep and other utilities. However, sometimes you may want to keep information that can be logged in a more structured and queryable manner.

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Server APIs Work Group: Building a Solid Foundation for Swift

By Sean Swezey, Software Engineer | 12/15/16 10:45 AM

When Apple announced that Swift would be open-sourced and available for Linux, developers immediately began writing server software and frameworks in Swift with Vapor, Kitura, and Perfect emerging as the top three. With very little provided by the standard library, each framework has come up with different ways of implementing the foundations they need.

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Creating A Custom UICollectionViewLayout in Swift

By Sean Swezey, Software Engineer | 10/7/16 11:45 AM

UICollectionView in iOS is a very useful and powerful class for displaying large sets of data. However, with great power comes great configurability, and this configurability can make it tedious for simple use cases.

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UIView Transformations and Animations

By Sean Swezey, Software Engineer | 11/10/15 1:44 PM

Working with plain UIViews all the time can lead to UIs that feel stale and lifeless. When you see UIKit functions that offer an animated parameter, you know you can expect a more lively UI interaction.

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Exploring Xcode Breakpoints

By Sean Swezey, Software Engineer | 9/9/15 11:00 AM

Breakpoints are one of the most basic elements of debugging a program.

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