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Joe Conway, CEO

For the past 16 years, Joe Conway has programmed everything from macOS to Android to iOS. As a former instructor and lead developer at Big Nerd Ranch, he fine-tuned his skills and expertise in overall mobile strategy, specializing in iOS Development. Author of "iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide," an Amazon Best-Seller, Joe quickly made a name for himself in the mobile space. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, technology start-ups and government entities to build mobile platforms, enhance existing applications and develop mobile strategies. Joe was recently named one of Atlanta Business Chronicle's "People on the Move."
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Recent Posts

Swift Subarrays: Array and ArraySlice

By Joe Conway, CEO | 12/10/15 1:57 PM

Swift has a nice syntax for grabbing subarrays:

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Three Features That'd Be Real Swifty

By Joe Conway, CEO | 10/22/15 11:00 AM

So far, I have enjoyed Swift. I'm still a bit curmudgeonly about having to explain - in great detail - what I want to the compiler like it was a small child that keeps asking 'Why?,' but there is value to it.

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How Do I Implement Optional Delegate Protocol Methods In Swift Without @objc ?

By Joe Conway, CEO | 10/15/15 11:00 AM

Swift optional protocols - right now, they don't exist unless the protocol is tagged with @objc. So far, this has been an acceptable solution for providing optional method functionality. 

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Dart: A Simple, Elegant Language Programmers Will Love

By Joe Conway, CEO | 10/7/15 10:39 AM

In just a few short years, RESTful web services have become the standard in inter-application communication.

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The Stack Overflow Generation - A Guide for the Novice Programmer

By Joe Conway, CEO | 5/12/15 2:18 PM

Recently, I gave a talk at the Atlanta iOS developer meetup. The talk took up the first hour of the meetup, and the second hour was occupied by something called 'Open Spaces'. 

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The future of iTunes Connect and TestFlight?

By Joe Conway, CEO | 4/23/15 2:16 PM

Since switching over to Apple's TestFlight,  we've been pretty pleased. 

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XIBs & Autolayout: A guide to controls and keyboard shortcuts for managing constraints

By Joe Conway, CEO | 3/24/15 2:14 PM

One of the challenges to the iOS autolayout system when it first came out was that the interface for editing constraint-based XIB files was unforgiving. 

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Efficient Learning for Programmers

By Joe Conway, CEO | 3/3/15 2:11 PM

Learning to identify and develop faster test cases sounds like something only a programmer would do. Automated unit tests are an example of an extremely fast test case. 

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Avoiding Complex View Controllers

By Joe Conway, CEO | 2/26/15 2:11 PM

In this article, I'll talk about the difference between view controller code that just gets things done and code that is manageable for a long time. 

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stable|kernel's 2014 Year in Review

By Joe Conway, CEO | 12/30/14 1:59 PM

Looking back at the year, I am both proud of what we accomplished and hopeful for the future of our company. 

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