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Florian Harr, Software Engineer

Florian Harr is an iOS software engineer at stable|kernel. He studied computer science with a focus on mobile development in Stuttgart, Germany where he's originally from. He has been doing iOS development since the release of the App Store with iPhoneOS 2 and has worked with several Fortune 500 companies, helping them to develop mobile platform solutions. He once ran his own mobile development agency in Germany before moving to Atlanta, Georgia. If he's not riding his electric unicycle in his off time you might be able to find him scuba diving or tinkering with his 3D printer.
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Recent Posts

New Use Cases for Apple's Simplified HomeKit Integration

By Florian Harr, Software Engineer | 6/23/17 10:45 AM

Two weeks ago, Apple held its annual WWDC keynote announcing the latest updates to its platforms and technologies. The keynote lasted more than two hours and you'd think that in that time they would have addressed all of their primary technologies. But one thing seemed to be missing...HomeKit!

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ESP8266 Programming: Building A IoT Weather Station - Episode 3

By Florian Harr, Software Engineer | 5/8/17 11:19 AM

This is part III of a series of tutorials on building a weather IoT station. If you missed the first parts, you can find them here: Part I and Part II. In this episode, we're going to use the ESP8266 chip with the DHT11 sensor from part I to connect to our MQTT server from part II and publish the sensor's data. Finally, we are going to build an iOS app to display our data.

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ESP8266 Programming: Building An IoT Weather Station - Episode 2

By Florian Harr, Software Engineer | 2/9/17 11:11 AM

This is part II of a series of tutorials that break down the process of building an IoT weather station with ESP8266. If you missed the first part, you can find it here: Part I. In this post, we're going to go over the protocol for MQTT before we set up a MQTT server that we're going to use in part III to communicate with our little weather station. 

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ESP8266 Programming: Building a IoT Weather Station - Episode 1

By Florian Harr, Software Engineer | 12/19/16 10:45 AM

Today we're going to build something exciting together and you guessed right - it has to do with the Internet of Things (IoT).  As we do more and more IoT business for our clients we, as software developers, also get more and more into the hardware part of the equation. It's an important part when you truly want to understand and solve a problem. 

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How To Properly Mentor A Junior Developer

By Florian Harr, Software Engineer | 10/3/16 11:56 AM

"How do you properly mentor a junior developer?" is a question that many developers have asked themselves before. You might be in a position where you mentor someone or where you have been mentored in the past.

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