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Erin Duff, Marketing and PR Manager

Erin Duff is a graduate from Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in public relations. Her past job experience involves working for 5-hour ENERGY, the Auburn Alumni Association and Triumph Motorcycles America. She is stable|kernel’s marketing and PR manager where she's involved in all things social, marketing, PR, communication and digital.
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Recent Posts

Why Your Brand Needs to Invest in a Mobile Strategy Right Now

By Erin Duff, Marketing and PR Manager | 3/20/17 10:47 AM

When both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store (formerly known as Android Market) launched in 2008, it was hard to imagine the potential these distribution systems had to revolutionize the entire digital ecosystem. With so few apps in existence, there was once a huge opportunity for screen time for the app developers who jumped in early.

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How Google Hopes to Revolutionize IoT with Android Things

A few weeks ago, Google announced its newest attempt to securely connect its cloud to all smart devices with Android Things, a new OS Google developed to power smart devices and the Internet of Things. Android Thing’s overall goal is to build connected devices for a wide variety of consumer, retail and industrial applications.

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Google’s Pixel Is In Users Hands And Here’s What They’re Saying

By Erin Duff, Marketing and PR Manager | 11/21/16 10:45 AM

After Google’s ground-breaking announcement about its first phone, our developers (specifically our Android devs) went nuts. I thought, here comes another contestant in the the ultimate smartphone battle, and it couldn’t have entered the ring at a better time than right when Samsung’s phones start melting.

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Native Vs. Hybrid Mobile App Development: 5 Reasons To Go Native

In the developer world, there is a never-ending argument for which approach is the best platform for mobile software development. Despite strong cases in favor of native development, there are some individuals in the industry who still think that hybrid is the way to go.

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Fuchsia - Revealing the Mystery of Google’s New OS

The developer community is abuzz about Google’s new operating system Fuchsia, initially reported on GitHub last week though no one can quite figure out exactly what it is. What we do know according to The Verge is the system currently exists as a growing pile of code on the search giant's code repository. Google says it’s an operating system designed for "modern phones and modern personal computers.”

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UPDATE: Food Finder App Changing Lives by Feeding Georgia's Hungry Families

By Erin Duff, Marketing and PR Manager | 7/21/16 12:00 PM

This month, Food Finder GA launched its native iOS and native Android mobile apps. Founder Jack Griffin speaks to CBS News about the overwhelming need in Georgia to feed hungry families.

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WWDC 2016 Takeaways for Developers, Designers and Product Owners

The Apple community is still abuzz about WWDC 2016’s plethora of announcements. As a mobile app development company, only two questions matter to our developers and designers: “how can this Apple improvement positively affect our clients?” and “how can these advancements help me do my job better?”

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How Mobile Apps Can Boost Revenue For Auto Dealerships

By Erin Duff, Marketing and PR Manager | 6/14/16 12:09 PM

We all know vehicles are high-risk investments. In the past, purchasing a vehicle required a significant amount of on-foot research, and the dealership visit was central to a buyer’s research and purchase experience.

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Infographic: 5 Ways Mobile Will Transform The Auto Dealership

“The power and proliferation of mobile devices in the U.S. is undeniable, and consumers are rapidly turning to these devices as they shop for cars.” - Jared Rowe, president of AutoTrader.com

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6 Essential Features For Field Service Applications

This is the fourth blog piece in a series about the challenges of field service management and how mobile technology is helping overcome these challenges. If you enjoy this post, please subscribe to our blog to catch the whole series.

“Think of data generated by a FSM solution as lever that can either leak cost or channel people in the right direction.”
- Lisa Disselkamp, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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