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David Mays, Software Engineer

David Mays is an Android software engineer and a recent Atlanta transplant, originally hailing from nearby Alabama. He’s previously worked at Metova and Tin Roof Software, though he’s been coding as a hobby for 20 years. The once War Eagle enjoys competitive shooting and playing guitar for fun, and he is the father to a beautiful 2-year old girl.
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Recent Posts

Creating Keystores and Signing Android Apps

By David Mays, Software Engineer | 1/30/17 1:30 PM

As a security measure, Android requires that apps be signed in order to be installed. To sign an app, you must first create a keystore . A keystore is a storage mechanism for security certificates. A public key certificate is used to sign an APK before deployment to services like the Google Play store.  

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An Introduction To The okbuck Gradle Plugin For Android Builds

By David Mays, Software Engineer | 12/5/16 10:45 AM

Gradle is an awesome build system which makes my life as a developer much easier. However, with large numbers of dependencies build times can slow to a snail’s pace, leaving developers frustrated and legitimately slacking off.

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Backgrounding Instead Of Finishing The Root Activity on Android

By David Mays, Software Engineer | 9/26/16 11:45 AM

I’ve recently been faced with the challenge of detecting the login state of the user and deciding whether or not to show a login screen. This isn't only required with a fresh launch of the application, but every time it resumes from the background since the login times out fairly quickly. 

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