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David Mays, Software Engineer

David Mays is an Android software engineer and a recent Atlanta transplant, originally hailing from nearby Alabama. He’s previously worked at Metova and Tin Roof Software, though he’s been coding as a hobby for 20 years. The once War Eagle enjoys competitive shooting and playing guitar for fun, and he is the father to a beautiful 2-year old girl.
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Recent Posts

Using Gradle’s ExtraPropertiesExtension to Configure Git Submodules

By David Mays, Software Engineer | 4/13/17 1:08 PM

Configuring git submodules on a Gradle Android project can be painful when shared dependencies need to be updated. I've lost count of how many times I've had to reconfigure my project and its submodule dependencies after updating my Android SDK. I encountered this annoyance again recently and decided that there must be a better way to handle the matter.

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Creating Keystores and Signing Android Apps

By David Mays, Software Engineer | 1/30/17 1:30 PM

As a security measure, Android requires that apps be signed in order to be installed. To sign an app, you must first create a keystore . A keystore is a storage mechanism for security certificates. A public key certificate is used to sign an APK before deployment to services like the Google Play store.  

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An Introduction To The okbuck Gradle Plugin For Android Builds

By David Mays, Software Engineer | 12/5/16 10:45 AM

Gradle is an awesome build system which makes my life as a developer much easier. However, with large numbers of dependencies build times can slow to a snail’s pace, leaving developers frustrated and legitimately slacking off.

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Backgrounding Instead Of Finishing The Root Activity on Android

By David Mays, Software Engineer | 9/26/16 11:45 AM

I’ve recently been faced with the challenge of detecting the login state of the user and deciding whether or not to show a login screen. This isn't only required with a fresh launch of the application, but every time it resumes from the background since the login times out fairly quickly. 

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