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Alexandra Tregre, Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist

Alexandra Tregre is stable|kernel's Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist, focusing on digital content production and strategy. She comes from a broadcast journalism background and has worked for media companies such as Fox5 and CBS in New York City. She also spent time in Jerusalem, Israel, working as a television reporter for Israel Broadcast Authority, where she covered international issues.
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Recent Posts

How Does Google Translate Work?

I just returned from a trip down to Mexico for my best friend’s wedding where, despite many shocking sights and sounds, the most astonishing thing I experienced was the Google Translate word lens in action.

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Your Right to Privacy and How to Protect Yourself

We’re in the midst of an unprecedented battle for our privacy that's amplified by the rapid growth of the digital age of information. We are on our laptops, smartphones and devices a majority of our day, and technology criminals are well aware. We are subject to attacks that didn’t exist 5-10 years ago and quite frankly, we are very vulnerable. 

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2016 Connect Tech: Growing Atlanta's Mobile Scene

For the 3rd year in a row, Connect Tech triumphed in the Southeast as THE Atlanta conference for software developers and designers. Known as the largest JavaScript-focused conference in the region, it offered 124 presentations from speakers all around.

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5 Technologies That Are Saving Our Lives

It’s up to you to decide whether you believe technology is positively or negatively affecting the human race. For me, I’m overwhelmingly impressed with the continued innovation and successful implementation of technologies around the world, especially when they are saving lives.

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How The 2016 Olympics Goes For Gold With Technology

It’s long been a tradition that the Olympics showcase the newest and greatest technologies in broadcast, data gathering and data analytics. This year’s summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, holds true to the trend.

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stable|kernel Named One of Atlanta’s Top Mobile App Developers

Clutch, a company that identifies leading software and professional services firms that deliver results for their clients, recently named stable|kernel a leading app developer in Atlanta! We’re thrilled to receive this recognition and to be listed among other great companies in our area.

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The Technology Behind Pokémon Go: Why Augmented Reality is the Future

The explosive launch of Pokémon Go has vaulted augmented reality (AR) into the spotlight. While many users of the 90s throwback game don’t understand the technological advancements in both AR and data collection, the implications are far-reaching.

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Strengthening Auto Dealership Customer Retention Through Mobile

Customer retention is one of the most manageable ways to increase a business’s revenue over time. Statistics show that customer acquisition can cost car dealerships between 6-10 times more than customer retention.

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Integrity: Showing Our True Colors

As a organization of 21 people in a hyper-growth mode with many fresh perspectives and varied experiences coming together to exist as one, developing a company of value and virtue has taken precedence as we move forward.

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All Good Things Must Come to an End

This phrase basically sums up my feelings about concluding a 13-week internship at stable|kernel. Indeed, it was a good thing, a really good thing for that matter.

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