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Why UX Is More Important Than Ever

By Sloan Smith | 9/29/16 12:04 PM

 In recent years many corporations and government agencies have embraced the idea that User Experience Design is good for business. In 2015, Forrester Research revealed that “implementing a focus on customers’ experience increases their willingness to pay by 14.4%, reduces their reluctance to switch brands by 15.8%, and boosts their likelihood to recommend your product by 16.6%.”

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Backgrounding Instead Of Finishing The Root Activity

By David Mays, Software Engineer | 9/26/16 11:45 AM

I’ve recently been faced with the challenge of detecting the login state of the user and deciding whether or not to show a login screen. This isn't only required with a fresh launch of the application, but every time it resumes from the background since the login times out fairly quickly. 

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When to Use Value Types and Reference Types in Swift

By Marcus Smith, Software Engineer | 9/22/16 11:45 AM

Since Apple released Swift, there has been a lot of attention paid to value types. Especially coming from Objective-C where almost everything is a class (reference type), the fact that Swift’s standard library is mostly made up of value types is a big deal.

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5 Technologies That Are Saving Our Lives

It’s up to you to decide whether you believe technology is positively or negatively affecting the human race. For me, I’m overwhelmingly impressed with the continued innovation and successful implementation of technologies around the world, especially when they are saving lives.

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Are You Looking For A Vendor Or A Partner?

By Jason Russell, Managing Partner | 9/15/16 12:00 PM

Recently we changed our tagline to “We’re Your Product Team.” And it was for a very strategic reason: at stable|kernel we firmly believe when we achieve “partner” status, WE (s|k, client, project, product) are far more successful. Ask our long-term clients.

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Seamless Network State Monitoring With Retrofit + OkHttp

By Jason Atwood | 9/12/16 12:16 PM

In Android apps that rely on a web service, we usually check the state of the network before issuing web requests. This allows us to alert the user of some problem without having to wait for the network request to time out.

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Apple Watch Series 2: The Athletic Advantage

It hasn’t quite been the gamechanger most critics have come to expect from Apple, but the Watch has been incredibly successful, quickly becoming the top selling smartwatch and rated #1 in customer satisfaction.

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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are here...and so are AirPods

For months, many have conjectured over yesterday’s Apple event, predicting which new features would ship with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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Fuchsia - Revealing the Mystery of Google’s New OS

The developer community is abuzz about Google’s new operating system Fuchsia, initially reported on GitHub last week though no one can quite figure out exactly what it is. What we do know according to The Verge is the system currently exists as a growing pile of code on the search giant's code repository. Google says it’s an operating system designed for "modern phones and modern personal computers.”

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STOP Doing Annual Reviews and START Doing These 4 Things Right Now

By Jami Sieder, VP of Operations | 8/29/16 1:00 PM

You’ve been there, right? You’ve felt the special dread that accompanies an invitation to an annual performance review?

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